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Updated: May 7

What is a CSA? Why would you want to join one? CSA stands for community supported agriculture. It is a way for you to buy fresh local produce direct from small farmers. CSA is a basically a subscription to a season’s worth of produce that is distributed weekly to it's members during the harvesting season.

Why you should sign up for CSA?

1. To save that money money

Basically your cutting out the middle man. No grocery store, no taxes, just fresh produce direct from the farmer. I've done the the math and compared the produce I receive in a box to grocery store prices and there is a serious reduction in price. I signed up an organic CSA, but there many options in sizes and price. Just find what fits your family's budget and needs. You can even split the harvest with a friend or share with another family.

2. To add more fruits and veggies to your diet

Eat the rainbow! You already paid for it and your going to get another box next week so its motivation to make sure nothing goes to waste. If healthy food is in your home then you are more likely to eat it. When I get my box I go ahead and wash and store all the produce so it is ready to be eaten or cooked-no excuses.

3. To increase your kitchen IQ

Do you buy green beans and bananas every week? Me too. Join a CSA to get inspired in the kitchen. You might get exposed to new varieties of vegetables and fruit. Many CSA's will also provide recipes and help teach you how to cook with the produce in your weekly box. Joining a CSA will help get you out a rut, inspire you try a new recipes, all which will increase your kitchen IQ.

4. To Be Environmentally Friendly

Show support to your local farmers buy putting your money where you mouth is. You get to know where your food comes from and the farmers who grow it. You can choose to support farmers who use sustainable farming practices or grow organic if that is important to you.

5. To get Fresh Local in Season Produce

Your getting fruits and veggies that are in season. Seasonal produce is fresher, tastier, and more nutritious than out of season produce. Your CSA veggies don't ride in a truck or sit on produce shelves, they come straight from the farm to you! I swear you can taste the difference-so fresh!

6. To Make Eating Healthy Fun

It's like Christmas every week. What are you going to get? It's a surprise, just like that amazon box on your doorstep. Joining a CSA is a way to get excited about eating fresh healthy food. Get your kids pumped up to try new foods. Make it a date night with your significant other. See what is in your box and come up a recipe you want to make together. Make it a family bonding experience and teach your kids to cook.

Now that you know what a CSA is I'm sure you want in on all the goodness and this is the perfect time of year to find your local farmer and purchase your share. We just purchased our share and can't wait to get produce from Wild Hope Farms starting in April.

How to find your local CSA?

  1. Search the Local Harvest online database

  1. Visit a farmer's market and ask around the farm booths

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