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Updated: May 7

I have been having a smoothie a day since my college days back in 2012. I have made every color and flavor smoothie possible. I have made green smoothies, purple smoothies, blue smoothies, orange smoothies, and plenty of brownish grey smoothies-which actually can be surprisingly delicious.

In whipping up my morning go go smoothie I managed to break 2 blenders before upgrading to a blendtec blender.

Over the past 8 years I have tried way more than my fair share of protein powders in my healthy smoothie recipes. I have tried whey protein, casein protein, collagen protein, pea protein, hemp protein, bone broth protein and blend of proteins.

Overtime, I noticed that food is medicine and what I eat affects my mood, energy, satiety, and even how my skin and hair looks. Now, I don't just grab the protein that is on sale or that taste like a snicker-doodle cookie. I take time to research the ingredients in my protein. I want clean protein, but your girl looks forward to her smoothie, so it MUST taste good or be flavorless like most of my collagen peptides.

To start my day of bright and shiny I look for protein powder with:

  1. short ingredient list

  2. minimal or no sweeteners (monk fruit or stevia only)

  3. No weird dyes, flavoring, or lots of gums to thicken

I buy my clean protein powders from Thrive Market, Charlotte Supplements, Sprouts, Amazon, and even Costco. Watch for sales and stock up! For my smoothies I typically have 1 scoop (10 grams of protein) of collagen peptides and 1/2 a scoop of another-vegan, bone broth, or whey.

My current FAVORITE clean proteins

Collagen peptides:

Whey Protein:

Vegan Protein:

Bone Broth Protein:

What are your favorite proteins? I love trying out new brands so comment your favorite clean protein powders below.

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