June Favorites

What is your favorite season? I hate to choose just one season, but if you were to push me, summer is my favorite.

Summer is the time to let loose, relax, and soak up the sunshine. Sunshine is one of my food groups. I NEED sunshine to feel fulfilled.

Also, summer is the best because of trips. Do you take more trips in the summer or is it just me? I feel like summer is the time to vacation, but maybe that's just because I am a teacher.

Anywho...here are my favorites from the month of June.

Beauty and Skincare

Rael Acne Pimple Healing Patch

I am working on healing my hormones since going off birth control pills. This means I have to deal with hormonal acne at times. These patches are the best, they suck up all the goop, help heal your skin, and they blend in enough to run to the store with one on. I used to use Cosrx acne patches, but these are way better.

Elta Md UV Clear tinted moisturizer

This has been my ride or die sunscreen since 2011. The tinted version is pretty much all I wear on my face all summer long. It lightly moisturizes, isn't greasy, doesn't break you out, decreases hyperpigmentation, and helps prevent wrinkles.


Cotton Candy Grapes

I have been living for frozen cotton candy grapes. Yes, I said cotton candy grapes. Look up where they are sold by you and go get them. Wash, dry, then freeze. Trust me frozen grapes are my candy in the summer. Oh, and grapes are on the dirty dozen list this year so try and buy organic ones if possible.

Vegan Sweet Potato Burgers

I may not be packing my lunch, but I still do some lazy meal prep to have something easy to grab when I'm hungry. I have been meal prepping these vegan sweet potato burgers and eating them almost daily. I cut them up put them on giant salad, in Buddha bowls, on a wrap, they go with everything. I freeze half of them on a tray then store in a container so I can take them out individually.

Berry Chocolate Smoothie

Other than eating all the sweet potato burgers I have been living on this berry chocolate smoothie. This smoothie satisfies my chocolate craving, fills me up for hours, includes 3 servings of veggies, and is easy to take on the go.

Caffeine Pills

So this isn't food but it helped me reduce my caffeine intake to 100 mg a day. I don't like coffee (gasp!), but I drink pre-workout or matcha every morning. I noticed my caffeine consumption was a bit out of control and wanted to cut back. One pill a day kept me from getting the dreaded withdrawal headache and gave me smooth energy with no crash.


Free People Happiness Runs Crop

I have this in multiple colors. The crop is comfy and hits at just the right spot so it's not too cropped. This top looks good with joggers, leggings, jean shorts, and skirts. Just put on your sticky boobs, this crop and you are good to go.

Seamless Longline Sports Bra

This is perfect for lounging around the house, yoga, long walks, or running errands. If you are like me then you avoid wearing a real bra in the summer. This sports bra acts as a bra and top in one. It is lightweight, keeps everything in place, and wicks up your boob sweat. It fits true to size, I wear a small for size reference.


Weekly Planner

I don't know how I survived before I got this. Sunday night I sit down for 10 minutes and plan out my week. I fill out my top 5 commitments to complete for the week. Then I go in and write in any meetings or appointments. Next, I write 3 things I will accomplish Monday. On Monday I will write my top 3 on Tuesday. I fill out the other to-do item with any errands or chores that will get done throughout the week. I also track a few healthy habits to make sure I am taking care of myself. Right now it says 10 minutes of yoga, dance, journal. I love this so much we got a more manly planner for AJ.

Is summer your favorite season too? What have you been loving in June? Send me your current must-have items and recipes.

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