How To Set Monthly Intentions + WFH Morning Routine

Updated: May 7

What day is it? What do I need to do? What am I wearing? COVID-19 did a flip on us all.

Is it just me or did you work all day, even extra, but got nothing accomplished the first day or two of work from home? Me too.

As much fun as it is to go with the flow, I know the importance of routine. Having structure to my busy day allows me to have a clean space, healthy prepared meals, and create time for joy. Daily routines should be like autopilot-you don't have to think about the small stuff so there is more room for the good stuff.

Now as we move into April, a full stay home month, I feel my mind whirling on my monthly intentions. What do I want to accomplish? What areas of my life could use some loving care?

Did you know that our minds automatically focus on the negative? So I train my mind to focus on the positive.

This starts with monthly intentions. I post my monthly intentions on my bathroom mirror and repeat them aloud each morning. Monthly intentions bring a smile to my face and helps me to live life with purpose, create a positive mindset, and take action steps towards my goals. Monthly intentions structure each month of the year, rather than just making New Year's resolutions.

It takes 5 simple steps to write monthly intentions. Post them up and you have a daily reminder that guides you towards positive thoughts, words, and actions.

Wanna know a secret? I almost never write my intentions on the first day of the month. I wait until the mood strikes me with inspiration for what I need and want to accomplish for that month. Then I find a few quiet moments to reflect, brainstorm, and create a list. When I'm ready I write my intentions then post them on my bathroom mirror.

To stay positive during COVID-19 and maintain keep some sort of structure to my crazy virtual teaching day I tweaked my morning routine and wrote it down. I do get to sleep in a little later, but I still make sure to include my normal healthy habits and state my monthly intentions before starting the workday.

How has your morning routine changed? Do you write monthly intentions? I would love to see your intentions so be sure to tag me @lauralivewell when you write them!


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